Morocco’s Hanukkah Treat: Sfenj

Flag_of_Morocco [Via Metafilter] While the Israeli jelly doughnut Sufganiyot may be more commonly known in the US, Sfenj is Morocco’s answer to fried, doughnut-like Hanukkah treat. The Moroccan fried doughnuts have an unsweetened yeast dough, and are drenched in honey or sugar for sweetness. They may also be drizzled with date syrup. Yum! Sfenj are found throughout North Africa, and are often cooked up as a street food for breakfast for those of all religions. Here is a recipe for Sfenj from Shelly’s Humble Kitchen  and the Toronto Star for those who are doughnut-inclined. Check out a video below of Sfenj being expertly prepared in Morocco.

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