What are Ecuadorian Quesadillas / Quesadilla Salvadoreña?

ecuadorQuesadilla” is one of those words that tricks you into thinking you know what it means, but then you go somewhere new and turn out it means something totally different. We knew what quesadilla meant in the US, a tortilla with melty cheese, whereas in Mexico City it was a slightly different thing, often deep-fried! However, in Ecuador, “quesadilla” means yet a third thing: a pentagonal shaped pastry filled with a savory-sweet baked cheese feeling. It reminded us of the Portuguese pastry, the queijada, which also has a savory/sweet crumbly cheese filling. These quesadillas were brought to us direct from Quito by my cousin’s parents from the Panaderia y Pasteleria San Juan in Quito. The Quesadillas were really tasty – and we came to learn that they are one of the emblematic treats of Ecaudor – so we are really glad we got to have a taste from the source. Quesadillas have been made at the San Juan bakery since 1935, and are now an integral part of the cuisine of Quito. Here is a recipe for Ecaudorian quesadillas, using queso fresco (make sure to use an unsalted cheese). 

Ecuadorian Quesadilla


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