The Future Home of ETW

It has been a pretty crazy summer, and we think it’s about time we shared why we are even busier than usual – we are moving to Cleveland in a few weeks! It is a bittersweet move, Chicago has been our home for the past 9 years, but we are excited to try out a new, exciting food scene. We are already fans of the West Side market and Mitchell’s ice cream! Chances are we will be back in Chicago fairly frequently, too, so we will be trying to keep up with the food scene that was our home for so many years.


Along with our new food adventures in Cleveland we will continue to keep you appraised of our intra and intercontinental excursions. While we get settled in our new surroundings we will be taking a little hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be diving right into the Cleveland food scene. Do you have any recommendations for us in our future home?


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2 responses to “The Future Home of ETW

  1. Yay!! You’re going to love ohio! Though we are from the greater Columbus area, I know Cleveland has great food too. Best of luck!!

  2. I was going to recommend #1 Pho on the west side, but it seems to have moved or closed. Man…

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