Babka for Rosh Hashanah

L’shanah tovah! Happy Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)! A traditional dessert for this holiday is honey cake, representing the sweetness of the new year. While anything related to honey is never a bad idea, another dessert fit for the holiday table is babka, a braided, sweet bread filled with layers of chocolate or cinnamon. We have been seeing a lot of babka recipes pop up on our social media feeds recently and we can’t think of a better holiday dessert. For the purists, here is a kosher chocolate version from the Kitchn and a dairy version from Smitten Kitchen. A more unusual take is Brown Eyed Baker’s cream cheese and apricot babka, and you can really fill a babka with whatever you like. And of course, no post about babka is complete without a reference to the iconic Seinfeld episode, “The Dinner Party.”


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