How to make Venezuelan sticky rolls: Golfeados

VenezuelaThere is nothing better than a pastry and some coffee in the morning – especially freshly made sticky buns! We have been getting more into Venezuelan food recently – and we were delighted to learn about a Venezuelan take on the sticky bun that even includes fresh cheese and a touch of anise flavor – the golfeado. Golfeados are native to the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, where they are typically topped with a slice of queso de mano cheese. If you know how to make sticky buns you pretty much know how to make golfeados – and if you don’t – it’s not that hard to learn. This version from Miami employs piloncillo, which is called papelón in Venezuela, though versions with cinnamon are common, too. We might try to make some for brunch this weekend to combat the gloomy weather blues.


Golfeado by Juan Miguel Avalos

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