Murukku Snacks for Diwali

India FlagHappy Diwali! The Hindu festival of lights is known for its delicious snacks, some of which we have previously discussed on ETW, especially the sweet ones! However, there are also savory snacks popular on Diwali! We love salt as well as sweet so here is one of those classic salty snacks – murukku. Murukku, a snack from Tamil Nadu in the Southern India is made with rice and urad dal (black lentil) flour, pressed through a mold (like a spritz cookie) and then fried. Depending on the additions, there can be hundreds of varieties of murukku (also sometimes called chakli)! Yummy Tummy has a recipe for potato murukku, and Chef in You has a recipe for Mullu (Thenkuzhal) Murukku. Rak’s Kitchen has a recipe for butter murukku and eight other varieties. Many of the murukku recipes call for asafoetida, a South Indian spice you can usually find at Indian groceries, so be sure to pick some up.

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