Pastry Post-Doc: Czech Rakvičky Cookies

czechPretty much every culture has a proclivity for sweet treats, and there is nothing I love more than learning about them all (hence the Pastry Post-Doc). When my friend attended a wedding in Wisconsin she told me about a unique Czech cookie they had there, Rakvičky (which translates to “little coffins” in Czech), which were totally new to me. Though the name sounds a little morbid, this festive cookie doesn’t have any deadly associations – the “coffin” references the hollow, coffin-like shape. Somewhat similar to eclairs, they consist of a long hollow pastry shell topped with whipped cream (and are sometimes filled). Here is a recipe in English for Rakvicky from Catalina Bakes, though we found many more recipes in Czech if you are a purist.


Rakvicky from Apetit Online

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