Pastry Post-Doc: What are Chinese “German Cookies”?

chinaWe were doing a search for “German cookies” in Instagram when we came across a series of photos of near-identical cookies with the same fork impressions, with Chinese captions. Come to find out that the name for these Chinese cookies, popular around Lunar New Year, is “German Cookies” (德式酥饼). German cookies require little more than potato starch (which can be found in most Asian groceries) and sugar, and you can find easy recipes at Goody Foodies and Bake for Happy Kids (seen below). As far as I can tell, they have no real association with Germany beyond the name. If anyone has any insight into their unusual name, let me know!




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One response to “Pastry Post-Doc: What are Chinese “German Cookies”?

  1. Fabian

    Well, I would say in Germany this kind of cookie would be considered an easy Christmas treat you would bake with your kids. Easy yet delish. With this simplicity however it’s obviously not particularly German, but rather a cookie you probably would find in many countries. Not so sure if I shall be extremely proud about the fact that Chinese have such an image of German cuisine but oh well, not too far from the truth probably 😀


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