Carageen / Irish Moss Pudding for St. Patrick’s Day

IrelandSo we have heard of Irish Moss before – but it turns out it is actually an edible plant natively found off the Atlantic Irish coast. When hunting for Irish recipes  for St. Patrick’s Day, we saw a variety of Irish Moss-based dessert recipes – and we were intrigued! The Irish name for “Irish Moss” is Carageen (from the Irish carraigín, which means “little rock”) – and you may have heard of Carageenan – a product derived from the moss that is often used in ice cream as a thickener. Irish Moss can be found in many health food or natural stores as a powder, and it is sometimes even still foraged by hand. Nessa’s Family Kitchen has a recipe for a simple Irish Moss pudding, or try one with raspberry coulis.


Irish Moss

Vintage Irish Moss Ad – by Rich Luhr


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