Pastry Post-Doc: Indonesian Terang Bulan / Apam Balik / Martabak Manis


Terang Bulan stand in Indonesia by Roman

Indonesia_flag_largeIf fried dough is one of the most popular pastry genres worldwide, sweet pancakes or crepes must be a close second, and we can’t complain about that. The latest pastry post-doc feature is a sweet pancake from Indonesia, Terang Bulan. Terang Bulan means full moon, and it is named because of its round, moon-like shape. It is basically a thick, puffy pancake, folded over and filled with evaporated milk and other fillings like chocolate, chocolate sprinkles or nuts. Terang Bulan is also popular in other parts of Southeast Asia under different names, like Martabak Manis and Apim Balik. Here is a recipe from Ridha’s, and a Malaysian version with peanuts from Curious Nut.


Terang Bulan by Abby

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