The importance of the immigrant experience to American food

For a large part, Eating the World is a site is dedicated to exploring the vibrant food cultures made possible primarily by immigrants to the US. Though this is not a political site, recent egregious events related to immigration in the US have made it impossible for me to not speak out and take a stance. To be frank, without immigrants, food culture in the US would be much more limited (no pasta, no sushi, no falafel, no tacos, etc.). Unless you are 100% Native American, we are all descended from immigrants (whether in the distant or recent past) and through these immigrants, American culture (and food) has grown richer. Sharing food forms bonds within and across communities and is a celebration of culture that is easily enjoyed by all. So today I’d like to shine a spotlight on a recent Syrian immigrant, Yassin Terou, who has woven himself and his family into the fabric of Knoxville, TN through food. ETW will always be a place that celebrates immigrants from every country!



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3 responses to “The importance of the immigrant experience to American food

  1. Gayle

    What a beautiful story.

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