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Refreshing Agua Fresca Recipes for Hot Weather

Mexico FlagIt may be September, but the thermometer in Chicago is still peaking in the 90s. One of our favorite remedies for a blisteringly hot day in any month is a nice batch of Aguas Frescas. Aguas Frecas (“Fresh Waters” in Spanish) are cold water-based drinks flavored with combinations of fruit, grains, herbs, sugar and spices popular in Mexico and the US. You can find Aguas Frescas sold by street vendors and in many restaurants and bodegas, often in large, iconic glass dispensers. The range of Agua Fresca flavors is almost infinite, but our two favorites are Sandia (Watermelon) and Jamaica (Hibiscus). It won’t be long before everyone is dipping into their hot Pumpkin Spice Lattes, so enjoy the Aguas Frescas while you can. We also think these combinations would make excellent paletas.

Aguas Frescas in San Jose, California

Aguas Frescas in San Jose, California by Lifeofpie

Agua Fresca Recipes:

New spins on the Agua Fresca classics:

Aguas Frescas for sale in Mexico City

Aguas Frescas for sale in Mexico City by Frankenschulz


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