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São Paulo vs. Buenos Aires in Pictures

Our time in Salvador is drawing to a close, as is our time in Brazil, if you can believe it (we can’t)! We will be spending our last week in Brazil in São Paulo. So we thought it was particularly appropriate that we came across the blog Sampa versus Buenos as we prepare to leave for São Paulo. Taking a cue from the popular blog (and now book) Paris vs. NYC, the blog humorously compares the differences between the foods, culture, and icons of South American rival cities Buenos Aires and São Paulo (aka Sampa) in graphic form. Our favorite picture so far is that of the rival sweet treats, the Brazilian brigadeiro and the Argentine alfajor. We love both!


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FTC: Havanna Alfajores

alfajor small2Yesterday, a colleague from Argentina was kind enough to bring in a box of these little Argentine snack cakes, each individually wrapped in gold foil. Alfajores are typical Argentine (as well as much of Latin American) snacks, and Havanna is a local manufacturer that produces them. An alfajor consists of a sandwich cookie (with a cake-like consistency) filled with dulce de leche and coated in chocolate (other varieties had a vanilla coating). For packaged cookies they were pretty good, as anything coated in dark chocolate and filled with dulce de leche would be; kind of like a very high-class Hostess cake. I’d imagine they are available in some Latin grocery stores, but are also available online.


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