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Bobó de Camarão in Rio de Janeiro

Bobo de Camarao

Bobó de Camarão

We heard from a friend that one of the best renditions of the classic Bahian dish “Bobó de Camarão” in Rio was found at Marinho Azul (Av. Francisco Bhering s/n, Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro). Marinho Azul overlooks Arpoador beach, basically a rock outcropping that is the dividing line between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and you have a niced view of the Ipanema side. Marinho Azul (Marine Blue) unsurprisingly sells primarily seafood dishes, in straightforward preparations as well as regional favorites. The Bobó de Camarão (R$ 98 for 2 people) is a sort of stewed dish made from pureed cassava, dendê oil and shrimp. The term “Bobó” is used to refer to any dish thickened with cassava, a type of dish that originated in Africa. Unlike moqueca, which has coconut milk as a base, the cassava makes a bobó a lot thicker. We thought their rendition was very good for Rio, but Bahians would definitely blush at the price (and it is worth noting that the service is more than a little brusque). However, you can’t beat the location, and we lingered over our food to enjoy the view. Though we have tried our hand at moqueca, we have never made a bobó; but we like the look of these recipes from Cuca Brazuca, Maria-Brasil and Flavors of Brasil.

Ipanema Beach and Dois Irmaos

Stay for the view: Ipanema Beach and Dois Irmãos

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