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Portuguese Pastry Post-Doc: Bolo de Arroz

Today, for the first time we tried Bolo de Arroz – Portuguese rice muffins – another classic staple of the Portuguese bakery. We ducked into a small cafe to dodge the rain, and were super pleased to see these particular pastries on offer. Given the name, I was initially expecting these to have a mealy rice-pudding texture like arancine (don’t ask me why), but they were perfectly smooth and had a cake-like texture. The “rice” or arroz in the name just refers to rice flour. Instead of coming in a muffin liner, they are wrapped in little paper sheets that typically say “Bolo de Arroz (see photo below). The taste of a bolo de arroz is basically like an eggy cupcake, but with a hint of earthy rice flavor. Wordflux has a recipe for Bolo de Arroz, they don’t seem too difficult to make, the only special ingredient being rice flour. To add a little confusion, the Bolinho do Arroz, popular in Brazil, is a savory snack made from rice, like arancine.

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