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Pastry Post-Doc: Brazilian Coconut Pudding, Manjar Branco, for Yemanjá

September 7th is an important day in Brazil: it is both Brazilian Independence Day and a festival day for Yemanjá, the goddess of the sea in the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomblé. It is traditional to serve white foods for Yemanjá, including creams, hominy-like canjica, and rice pudding (info link in Portuguese). One popular dish for Yemanjá is Manjar Branco / Manjar de Coco (coconut pudding, not to be confused with Peru’s Manjar Blanco, which is similar to Dulce de Leche). This Brazilian flan-like cream is flavored with coconut milk, and is super simple to make. Similar starch-thickened cream dessert dishes are found in Middle Eastern and European cuisines, including French Blancmange. In Brazil, Manjar Branco is traditionally served with a plum sauce, as you can see below. Check out Manjar Branco recipes from Olivia’s Cuisine, Mani Snacks, Ricardo Cuisine and Sabor Brasil. In addition to its presence at celebrations honoring Yemanjá, Manjar Branco is a popular dish to ring in the New Year! Odoìyá Yemanjá!

Manjar de Coco from Chef Percaso

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Celebrate Brazilian Independence Day in Chicago

Ipanema Beach and Dois Irmaos

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro and Dois Irmãos…saudades.

brazilTomorrow is Brazilian Independence Day, September 7th, when Brazil celebrates its independence from Portugal in 1822. There are plenty of places to celebrate Brazilian Independence day with delicious food in Chicago. Check out Brazilian Bowl, Taste of Brazil, Sinha Elegant Cuisine and Fogo2Go, some of our favorites. For more inspiration check out all of our posts about Brazil, where you can pick up a recipe or two. If you really want to get into the Spirit, Chicago Samba is having a Brazilian Independence Day party with music and dance lessons at Logan Square Auditorium – 2539 N. Kedzie Blvd. in Chicago – from 10PM to 3AM (Entrance is $10 and is 18+) and there will be Caipirinhas and food catered by Sinha’s. The Eaters? We plan to be making a batch of brigadeiros in celebration!

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