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Pastry Post-Doc: Cappuccino at Confetaria Colombo

brazilM does not like cappuccino. Or coffee of any kind. At least this is the story he told himself, until an encounter with the most delectable, sweet, delicious coffee drink he has ever sampled: the famous cappuccino at Rio de Janeiro’s landmark Confeitaria Colombo. It took a lot of nudging for him to try it. With the parents visiting us in Rio for a week, M’s Mom raved about her cappuccino, proclaiming that it was the favorite thing she ate during her week in Rio. “Could it really be that good?” M thought to himself. A week later, having breakfast together with a friend, both L and friend were sampling cappuccinos in front of M, and finally, on a whim, he decided to go for it.

Colombo Cappuccino

The famous Colombo Cappuccino

He would end up having two. Topped with a generous amount of homemade whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon, this is more a sweet coffee drink than a real Italian cappuccino, hitting sweet and spiced high notes that purist coffee drinkers may scoff at. But not M: this was a pastry in a coffee cup, and just what he needed to get over his dislike of coffee drinks. If you are ever in Rio, do yourself a favor and head into Confeitaria Colombo, even if just to sample its famous – and very worth it – cappuccino. Score local points by standing at the bar!

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