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Chile: Carica

CaricaJarchileI’m always intrigued by new dishes, but it’s not often I encounter an entirely new fruit. So when I saw something called a Carica mysteriously jarred at Brennan’s in Madison, I knew I had to try it. So, what’s a Carica? It’s a sweet fruit, grown in South America, especially in Chile, and it is also known as a Mountain papaya. Despite the name, it’s not exaclty like the type of papaya we are familiar with here in the states. It certainly tastes different – with tinges of pear and peach alongside a the more familiar papaya notes. Carica would be good with anything that usually calls for a papaya. We like them over ice cream!  The main importer of Carica in the US is Tamaya (check out their site for recipes), we don’t know of any places you can get it fresh yet.

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