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Moroccan Jewish Tanzeya for Passover

The Jewish holiday of Passover has begun and lasts until next weekend. A major caveat to Passover cuisine is that is must be free of chametz, all leavened bread products. This has led to a proliferation of special kosher for Passover foods, and many creative uses for matzoh, which is unleavened. One of the most emblematic Passover dishes is charoset, a sweet mixture of fruit, honey and nuts, which makes a symbolic appearance on the Seder plate. There are literally thousands of recipes for charoset (some we have covered before), but there is a particular version from Morocco, called Tanzeya. Here is a recipe from Joan Nathan made with figs and spices like cinnamon and cardamon. New York Shuk sells pre-made tanzeya and has a recipe for charoset truffles (pictured below). Or if you want to go the simpler route, two matzoh sandwiched with charoset sounds pretty good to me!

Tanzeya from New York Shuk




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Persian-Jewish Passover Recipes

I read a fascinating article a week or so back in the New York Times about Persian-Jewish Passover traditions, and how these have survived in the Diaspora (in the LA area alone there are 40,000 Jewish Persians). We are fans of Persian food in general. and so were intrigued to learn more about Jewish Iranian foodways. Though many dishes resemble other types of Persian food, One specifically Jewish dish, is gundi, a riff on Matzoh ball soup, which is instead a chicken and chickpea dumpling flavored with cardamon and turmeric.  You can make your own gundi with a recipe from Savuer, or try Persian charoset, called Haleg (seen below, on matzoh). More Persian Passover recipes from Reyna Simnegar can be found on her blog.


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Collection of Charoset Recipes for Passover

Happy Passover! We found a pretty nice collection of international recipes to put a spin on one of the essential elements of Passover Seder dinner: Charoset. Charoset is a paste made from fruit (often figs or apples), nuts, wine and honey. The exact content of charoset varies by region and tradition, for example, this Syrian version of charoset includes apricots!  Beyond switching up the ingredients, there are a million ways charoset can be altered and dressed up. Elana’s Pantry has a classic version of charoset with apples and walnuts (as depicted below), or check out these unique recipes for Afghan, Indian, Persian and Yemeni varieties. For something even more outside of the box, how about some Sephardic charoset truffles.


Charoset By Elana’s Pantry


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