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Pastry Post-Doc in Morocco: Gazelle Horns (Cornes de Gazelle or Kaab el Ghazal)


The Pastry Post Doc and Partner just returned from a whirlwind trip to Morocco, where we sampled a ton of delicious food, including a fair share of pastries. Well, I didn’t know much about Moroccan pastries before visiting, but I am happy to report that Morocco has an awesome pastry culture that is a blend of French and North African flavors. One of the emblematic Moroccan pastries is the Corne de gazelle. Cornes de gazelle (“gazelle horns” in French) are named for their crescent shape, in Arabic they are known as Kaab el Ghazal (which actually means “gazelle ankles”). Crescent shaped gazelle horns are composed of crimped pastry dough around an orange flower water and almond paste center, and are sometimes topped with powdered sugar. The following gazelle horns were purchased from Patisserie Driss in Essaouira and cost less than a euro apiece. As you can see, we took our treats to go, and enjoyed our gazelle horns with an ocean view. Other than the orange flower water, there are not any unusual ingredients in the recipe, so why not give gazelle horns a try?GazelleHorn

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