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Pastry Post-Doc: Courting Cake from Northern England

englandLooking to make something sweet for your sweetheart? Why not a courting cake – a Northern English confection made with a dense sponge cake with a layer of berries and cream. Until I watched the BBC’s Great British Bake-Off  (anyone else love that show?) I had no idea what a courting cake was. Turns out making the cake is a symbolic Northern English tradition where a girl would bake a cake for her beau after they had begun “courting” to show both her affection and skill in the kitchen. Nowadays, I imagine that any partner could make the courting cake for their significant other. The courting cake also experienced a bit of a revival due to the fact that Prince William and Princess Kate received one on a visit to Lancashire! You can try your hand at courting cake with recipes from EpicuriousFood.com and Northern Soul (plus a mini version), though I imagine it is especially nice in the height of summer when strawberries are fresh.

Courting Cake from Lancashire Life

Courting Cake from Lancashire Life




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