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The National Dish of the DRC: Poulet à la Moambé

DRCFlagWhen researching the national dish of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the countries represented on the Refugee Olympic Team, we found a few dishes vying for the top spot. First up was Fufu/Bukari, an almost ubiquitous cassava mash used to sop up foods. However, Fufu is popular across a wide swath of Africa, so that didn’t seem distinct enough to be a national dish. Another contender was Pondu/Saka-Saka , cassava leaves in palm oil, but it is really more of a side dish. However, after some additional sleuthing, the main course that seemed to be the most widely-accepted national dish of the DRC is Poulet à la Moambé (Chicken Moambe), which is also considered the national dish of Gambia and Angola. We understand why it is widely beloved, we have tried this hearty, peanut-y soup before and it is delicious! Chicken Moambe is made with ingredients you’ll be able to find almost anywhere – bone-in chicken, peanut butter, palm oil and tomatoes – see recipes from African American Kitchen and Chef Bolek. If you want to go the whole nine yards you can accompany it with Fufu and Pondu!



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Miniature Waffles from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mini Waffles

Mini Waffles from Immigrant Kitchens

DRCFlagImmigrant Kitchens has an awesome post about a food we would love to try: Congolese mini waffles (Here’s the recipe). Now, we love waffles, and every food certainly tastes better in miniature form. Though initially it seemed a little strange that waffles might have turned up in the DRC, it makes sense given the country’s colonial past. Immigrant Kitchens is a great blog, with the goal of sharing home recipes from around the world, by talking with international cooks living in the US and sharing their stories. We are looking forward to reading through all of the archives.

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