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A Quick Bite: Horchata Ice Cream

M and I are big fans of horchata, both the Spanish variety made from nuts and the Mexican version made from rice. The Chocolate Shoppe’s horchata ice cream is a riff on the Mexican version and is delicious on a hot sunny day. We approached the new flavor with some initial skepticism, but ended up really pleased – it had a pleasantly sweet rice milk base with a hint of cinnamon. For other internationally-inclined ice cream eaters, Chocolate Shoppe also offers a delightfully-rich Zanzibar chocolate flavor. We also like how they don’t take themselves to seriously – check out their nutritional information – for example.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Cup by Afagen

If you can’t read the fine print: “Nutritional Information: Don’t even ask. This is the best ice cream made in Wisconsin, and it tastes so good because it has gobs of rich Wisconsin cream, tons of real ingredients for boat-loads of luscious flavors. That means it’s not low-fat, low-calorie or low-anything, and that’s why everyone loves it. You want nutrition, eat carrots.”

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream
468 State St
Madison, WI

There are also stores in Illinois: Locations

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FTC: Spanish Orxata de xufes

Right now I (L) am craving orxata de xufes (horchata de chufas), a Spanish drink of tigernuts and sugar with water. It is extremely uncommon (at least I’ve never seen it) in the US, where the Mexican horchata, which is rice-based, dominates. True, it’s a warm weather drink, and it’s freezing cold here – but some brutally cold orxata de xufes would really hit the spot.

{photo} The Boqueria Market in Barcelona, home of awesome Orxata. Maybe I should write more about this market later.

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