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Persimmon season is here!

Move over pumpkins, its persimmon season! We did not grow up eating persimmons, and our first experience really eating this Japanese fruit was in Brazil, where they are called caqui (the Japanese word for persimmon is Kaki). Persimmons were brought to the US from Japan in the 1800s, where they are considered the national fruit. As we began diving into the world of persimmons, we were intrigued by the differences between the varieties. There are two major persimmon types in the US (and many more in Japan and other areas) the Hachiya and the Fuyu. Their texture and preparation differs widely: the acorn-shaped Hachiya can only be eaten when extremely ripe, while the Fuyu can be eaten at any stage. One step further for persimmon aficionados is the hand-massaged and dried hoshigaki persimmon. So lets get cooking: The Kitchn has 10 seasonal persimmon recipes, or try an amazing looking bread or a savory persimmon caprese.

by Darya Mead

Persimmons  – Fuyu (L) and Hachiya (R) by Darya Mead

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