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Malaysia: The Food of Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is known as Kuala Lumpur’s “eating street.” Much like Singapore’s hawker markets, Jalan Alor is lined with small stalls and some larger restaurants, each boasting a specialty or regional cuisine. By day it looks a little quiet, most of the food stalls are shuttered, and the street is full of parked cars. But by night, Jalan Alor explodes and overflow seating takes over nearly the entire street.

We arrived at Jalan Alor at about 2 PM, and it was just about a ghost town, however we did manage to scrounge up some eats. We ducked into one of the few open stand for some curry. Malaysia and Singapore boast many of the same types of cuisines, so the food was familiar to us. M ordered a bowl of BBQ Pork with noodles and I got the dry curry mee, a gritty curry that is almost more like a marinade than a sauce. BBQ of various types, including BBQ chicken wings is one of the specialties on Jalan Alor, and M enjoyed the sweet and spicy tamarind sauce.

After a foot-busting day of wandering around KL, we arrived back at Jalan Alor at about 11Pm, and it was absolutely packed. This time we didn’t have to search out food – it was everywhere. For our late night dinner we split a large carrot cake. Carrot cake in Malaysia, also called chai tow kway, is not what it seems. Instead of a cakelike texture “carrot cake” is almost like a Spanish frittata, and is an egg dish full of daikon, radishes and green onions,  stir fried in soy sauce. Noshing on our carrot cake under an umbrella on a crowded street was the perfect way to finish our 12-hour tour of KL.

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