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Jordanian food at Bedouin Tent in Brooklyn

jordanAt first glance, Bedouin Tent (405 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217) looks like any other Middle Eastern restaurant tucked into a corner of Brooklyn, but if you look a little closer at the menu you will realize that it also has an assortment of Jordanian specialties, marked as “Bedouin.” The inside of Bedouin Tent is reflective of its name, and is brightly decorated with orange textiles. There is also a pleasant outdoor area, which we found slightly too cold to utilize, though others braved the chill. Glass lanterns leant a nice ambiance, though you can see it was still a bit dark.


Bedouin Tent serves Jordan’s national dish, chicken ouzi, on Friday nights and on weekends (Ouzi is a dish composed of meat in phyllo dough served with yogurt sauce over rice – here is a recipe). One of the other popular Jordanian dishes is the Pitza, which is a lovechild of pita and pizza, a flatbread baked with with a variety of savory toppings. We ordered the ground lamb merguez sausage version ($7.50), which was the most traditional among the options (including spinach, peppers and mushrooms). The pitza was big enough for 3 to share, along with salads and other entrees, and was brimming with tasty, heavily-spiced ground merguez sausages and za’atar spices. For our other entree, we ordered the roast lamb with onions, tomatoes and lemon-mint dressing with a side of hummus ($12.00).


The salad plate sampler was also excellent and included five varieties of salad (hummus, baba ghanouj, chickpeas, stuffed grape leaves, lentils), for only $10. The salads also came with a giant helping of hot, fluffy Jordanian flatbread. There are also some interesting Jordanian salads only available on Fridays and weekends, including the labneh yogurt salad and potatoes dressed in parsley and olive oil. You can also order falafel per piece if you are looking for an additional taste of something different, as we did at the suggestion of the friendly staff.


Dishes came out in no particular order – so it is good to keep that in mind – fortunately we were all sharing everything so it worked out. The two entrees and the salads were more than enough for three people, and everything was extremely tasty and well-spiced. It was nice to try some new dishes, and get Middle Eastern classics with a Jordanian twist. We had a leisurely dinner, sipping on mint tea and munching until it was closing time. We hope to come back on a Friday to taste the chicken ouzi for the complete Jordanian experience.

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Sultan’s Market, fast and fresh in Lincoln Park

Sultan’s Market
2521 N Clark
Chicago, IL

jordanWe recently came upon yet another ranking of Chicago’s top falafel spots, and this time Sultan’s Market came out on top. Why had we still not been there? So many friends raved about it, so we finally made the decision to go, trekking down to Sultan’s Market hoping for falafel paradise. The space is super tiny, with just a few tables a food counter and a salad bar. You order at the counter where your sandwich was prepared for you with freshly fried falafel and shewarma from the spit. The food is super quick and you pay after you eat (I guess they assume you are pretty honest!). There is shiny golden tin on the walls and ceiling which adds a cool ambiance, amplified by a few colorful glass lamps.
The value-ratio at Sultan’s Market simply cannot be beat. Matt ordered a lamb shawerma dinner ($7.00), expecting a light meal. He got a big plate of marintaed, spiced lamb, accompanied with pita, hummus, cucumber salad, and a *small* lentil soup ($2.00, which, as you can see from the photo below, was by no means small). Meanwhile, Lindsay ordered a falafel sandwich ($3.75) and another small lentil soup. Total bill was less than $20 for two people, and we had way more food than we needed – we ended up taking about half of the food home for lunch later. Everything was very good, especially on the falafel front. Lindsay enjoyed hers, very delicious, fresh, and it comes in regular or spicy versions. It also has the characteristic green tint, provided by fresh herbs, that we appreciate.
Sultan's Market
One brilliant aspect of their business model is how they seamlessly integrate self-service into a sit-down restaurant concept. Everything seems made-to-order, but they have a salad bar There is also a salad bar where you can fill up a container with tabbouleh, baba ghanouj and other Middle Eastern favorites (oh, and salads…), as well as mounds of take-home containers for those who inevitably cannot finish their meals. Keeps costs down and portions big! We are totally smitten with Sultan’s Market, and will certainly be back. The menu at Sultan’s Market is so cheap, it is just a bonus that it is so good!

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