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Juustoleipä, or leipäjuusto: Finnish Bread Cheese

finlandRecently, there has been a post from the blog Dude Foods making the rounds of the blogosphere about a 100% cheese grilled cheese sandwich: the “bread” in this case is actually Finnish Bread cheese, and the filling is American cheese. So what exactly is “Finnish Bread Cheese?” It’s Finnish name is juustoleipä, or leipäjuusto (leipä=bread, juusto=cheese), and it is similar to the better-known (in the US) Halloumi, and Brazilian queijo coelho. The variety of  leipäjuusto Dude Foods used was from Carr Valley cheese in Wisconsin. In order to get the most of this cheese – it should be heated or broiled, giving it distinctive brown grill marks. Though there will probably be a run on this type of cheese for people hoping to recreate the epic “cheese grilled cheese”, there are many other recipes involving leipäjuusto. It pairs particularly well with fruit and jams and you can even dip it into coffee!


Leipajuusto Finnish cheese and jam by Magnus Franklin


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