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FTC: Gopi Mango Lassi

Over last summer we acquired a new blender, and set out to make the perfect mango lassi, and Indian yogurt smoothie drink. We usually wing the blend of yogurt, cardamom and fresh mango, and the results are generally good. However, when we don’t have access to fresh mangos, it’s nice to have an ersatz version of the mango lassi around. That’s where the Gopi Mango Lassi we picked up at the Pita Inn Market comes in. At about $2 for a 1-pint bottle, the lassi itself was a steal. The drink itself was smooth and pleasant, but it could have packed more of a mango punch. We also did not taste any of the cardamom flavor we usually enjoy. While no substitute, for a snack on the run, this is a great option.

p.s. Gopi is a Sanskrit word for “cow herding girl.”

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