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Discovering the Lulo Fruit

colombiaWhen we were visiting La Unica (1515 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL) in Chicago we were intrigued by their milkshakes / licuados. They had some pretty exotic flavors: mango, mamey, blackberry, papaya, passion fruit, guanabana, and one we had not seen before – lulo. Turns out lulo is one of the most popular fruits in Colombia and Ecuador (where it is called naranjilla). The outside of the lulo looks like an orange, but the inside is green with seeds like a tomato! The flavor is a bit citrusy with a touch of pineapple, and really tasty. A popular way to have lulo is in a drink with lime and sugar called lulada. We have also since seen a lulo licuado at Brasa Roja (3125 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL) in Albany Park. If you see it – definitely give lulo it a try!

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