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Venezuela: Papelón con limón

VenezuelaSome of the best known drinks of summer are the colorful Aguas Frescas from Mexico, However, here at ETW when the sun is shining we have a new favorite drink from Venezuela – Papelón con limón. It’s very simple to make – basically just limes and sugar – so think of it as a Venezuelan lemonade. What sets the drink apart however is the use of Papelón, hardened, unrefined sugarcane juice, available as piloncillo or panela in many Mexican grocery stores. Here’s a very simple recipe:

Papelón con limón

2 Cups of Papelón/Piloncillo/Panela
Juice of 4 limes
1 1/2 Liters of Water

Dissolve the sugar in warm water. Mix and serve chilled!

Lime Project by Yannick


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