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Celebrate National Pierogi Day in Cleveland

PolandDumpling lovers rejoice: today is National Pierogi(e) Day! Pierogi can be found anywhere with a sizable Polish popular throughout the US and Canada, especially in the Midwest. Now living in Cleveland, I realize that this town may be even crazier about pierogi than Chicago. Here, the filled Polish dumpling can be found in dozens of frozen varieties in every grocery story and is a popular take-out and restaurant menu item. Michael Symon’s restaurant Lola even has an upscale beef cheek and mushroom version as an appetizer. So where do you go? Here are the top 9 places to get pierogi in Cleveland. One of our favorite places for Pierogi is the Pierogi Palace inside the West Side Market – take your pick of varieties! Or if you are feeling ambitions, make your own pierogi with meat, cheese and potato (my favorite combo), mushroom or even blueberry!


Pierogi in the West Side Market by PBS Newshour


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Perogies / Pierogies for Canada Day

Ukraine FlagcanadaPolandWe’ve covered recipes for Canada Day before, but we are interested to learn that one of the iconic foods of Canada is the Ukrainian pierogie/perogie/perogy/pyrogy (plus any other spellings)! Due to the large number of Polish and Ukrainian immigrants to Canada, the dish has become entrenched in Canada’s cuisine and culture. Canada is even home to the “world’s largest pierogie.” Pierogi(e)s are also popular in Chicago, due to similar immigration patterns of Eastern Europeans, and they are one of our favorite dumplings. And really what’s not to love with a dough pocket stuffed full of meat and/or cheese? As is befitting of their popularity, you can find them all over Canada and they are especially popular in Winnipeg. If you want to taste for yourself, here is a recipe from Black Peppercorn, direct from the Canadian prairies, and another recipe for classic potato and cheddar perogies from Canadian Living.


Perogies in Saskatoon by Christopher Porter

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