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Alternative Swedish Prinsesstårta (Princess Cake) Recipes

sweden_flagIn an earlier post we wrote about Sweden’s iconic multi-layered Princess Cake (Prinsesstårta) – which seems equally delicious and daunting. Swedish Prinsesstårta was the May 2013 challenge for Daring Bakers, an online baking group, and the result was a lot of delicious-sounding takes on this tricky tart. May Daring Bakers Host Korena in the Kitchen has a very thorough description of how to make the cakes, for those of you that want to go traditional. Alternative versions include: Prinsesstårta cupcakesStrawberry-Oreo Prinsesstårta, and Green Tea Prinsesstårta, among others.  

Prinsesstarta diagram

Prinsesstarta diagram from Baking Obsession– complicated!

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The Mystery of Sweden’s Green Princess Cake: Prinsesstårta

A Princess cake in Stockholm, by Peter Sunna

One of the most striking cakes we have ever seen is the Swedish Prinsesstårta, or “Princess cake.”  It is called a princess cake because it was said to be a favorite of the daughters of Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland – princesses Margaretha, Märtha and Astrid. Since its creation in the 1930s, it has been popular for special occasions in Sweden. This festive cake is covered in green marzipan, one of the rare sweets to have green as its principal color. CakeSpy did a wonderful post researching why the princess cake is green (unfortunately the answer is still unknown). The cake, while beautiful, seems fairly labor intensive. Just take a look at the cross section on the Baking Obsession site for a better idea – the components are layers of genoise cake, jam, and buttercream, all covered by a dome of whipped cream and the distinctive marzipan. If you are feeling up to the task War and Yeast and have great step-by-step recipes. We think we will stick to getting the cake from the experts, Swedish Bakery (5348 N. Clark, Chicago).

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