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Queijo coalho, essential Brazilian beach food

There is something about food on a stick that makes it all the more awesome. This trend carries over to Brazilian street food, which has many stick-laden options. One of our favorites among these was the queijo coalho – roast cheese. You have to love a country where roasting sticks of cheese over an open flame and coating it in rosemary is a viable beach snack. The cheese used to produce queijo coalho goes by the same name, and has a squeaky texture similar to cheese curds. The cheese is near-impossible to find in the US, but Carlos Figueira has a great roundup and review of some possible substitutes. Once on a stick, the cheese is roasted over a little handheld coal stove and coated in rosemary or possibly molasses, for the sweet-lovers. The roasting gives the cheese a bubbly, burnt outer layer. Surprisingly, it is the perfect complement to a hot day.

Queijo Coalho in production in Rio Vermelho

The finished product

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