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FiveThirtyEight Determines America’s Best Burrito

During the World Cup this summer we talked a little about 538’s International Food Association World Cup for the best national cuisine (the winner was Italy, by the way). This time around, the data-hungry minds at 538 have turned their analysis to the best burrito in America. In some ways this seemed like a potentially even more daunting task, given the vast regional differences and preferences for burritos. However, 538 was able to develop a shortlist of 64 finalists, and burrito tester Anna Maria Barry-Jester actually went from coast to coast (and Hawaii) tasting the burritos first-hand. The burritos were ranked on five parameters – Tortilla, Principal filling, Other ingredients, Appearance and Flavor profile – each out of 20, for a best possible score of 100. The results are in, and 538 has selected a winner of the coveted “best burrito” honor: La Taqueria in the Mission district of San Francisco. This was a pretty rigorous study and I commend 538’s thoroughness, for the sports/rankings geeks, check out the bracket view. Do you agree with the results?


La Taqueria in San Francisco by Todd Lappin

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The FiveThirtyEight International Food Association World Cup

We are fans of Nate Silver’s 538 for its mix of culture, sports, politics and statistics. However, now they have taken it even one further and incorporated food into the mix. Perfect! In honor of the World Cup, the 538 team has created a ranking based on the national cuisines of the countries participating in the World Cup, as well as other culinary powerhouses. Here’s their methodology:

We polled 1,373 Americans through SurveyMonkey Audience and asked them to rate the national cuisines of the 32 teams that qualified for the World Cup, as well as eight additional nations with bad soccer but great food: China, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, Ireland, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

So who’s going on to the Round of 16? Personally we think the list is pretty decent, though we’d have picked Turkey over Germany.

  • Mexico vs. Ethiopia
  • Japan vs. Vietnam
  • France vs. Argentina
  • U.S. vs. Belgium
  • Spain vs. Brazil
  • Italy vs. Greece
  • Cuba vs. China
  • Thailand vs. Germany
Acai at Tacaca do Norte

Acai at Tacaca do Norte – a taste of Brazil!

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