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Switzerland’s Röstigraben: Culinary Divide Between West and East

We here at ETW love the Olympics, so we are excited to cover some international cuisine as it relates to this very international sporting event. An important spot for the Olympics is Lausanne, Switzerland, home of the International Olympic Committee. An awesome Swiss Geopolitical and food related concept (how fun!) is that of the Röstigraben. It garners its name from the grated potato dish Rösti, which originated in Bern and is popular in the Swiss German areas. We were first introduced to the Röstigraben through the Strange Maps blog, and it is a strange map, represented above by Switzerland in the shape of a Rösti. The Röstigraben is the divide between the cultural areas of eastern German and western French Switzerland, which is further described in this National Geographic article. Lausanne, as it so happens is on the Western side of the Röstigraben.  Well west of the Röstigraben, we enjoyed some very nice Rösti in the heavily-Swiss New Glarus, Wisconsin. Yumblog has a recipe for Rösti, which looks easy as pie.

Rösti in New Glarus, Wisconsin

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