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Spaghettieis: Ice Cream that looks like pasta?

Spaghettieis from Wikipedia

It’s going to be another hot day in Chicago (seems like we’ve been saying that nearly every day this month) so we figured it was time for another ice cream post. This one is a little more surreal than usual. We saw a link on Boing Boing about Ice-cream that looks like spaghetti – spaghettieis. and we were thoroughly intrigued. Apparently this confusing German treat is composed of vanilla ice cream extruded through a Spaetzle Press/Pasta Extruder/Play-dough mold to look like spaghetti. To complete the spaghetti-dinner look, the ice cream is topped with some sort of red berry sauce, and finally covered in coconut shavings. Since its invention in the 1960s, spaghettieis has become something of a national dish in Germany. For more proof of its popularity, check out the huge amount of spaghettieis documentation of Flickr. We’re pretty impressed at the verisimilitude!

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