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The end of the Srirachapocalypse is near

Hot sauce addicts, never fear, Huy Fong Sriracha sauce will start shipping to stores again in late January. The Sirachapocalypse will soon be over.

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The Impending Srirachapocalypse 2K14

Everybody watch out, because we are about to hit a shortage of the famous Huy Fong Sriracha Thai/Vietnamese hot sauce – THE SRIRACHAPOCALYPSE! Due to legal entanglements in the Huy Fong factory in Irwindale, California, bottles are now being held 30 days before shipping, causing a major delay in restocking Sriracha on the shelves. Since the stoppage hit in mid-December, customers may really start to feel the effects of the ban soon. Serious Eats conducts a taste test of other sriracha brands so you can get your hot sauce fix in a pinch.

Sriracha in Memphis

Sriracha in Memphis by Memphis CVB

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