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What is Tepache?

Mexico FlagWe recently covered a video series, Thirsty for…, that covers nothing but unique and emblematic non-alcoholic beverages from around the world. We recently discovered a unique drink that would be a perfect fit for the series: Tepache. We first spotted tepache alongside the more familiar jamaica and horchata drinks in our favorite taqueria. So…what IS tepache? Tepache is a drink native to Jalisco, made from both the flesh and the rind of pineapples and sweetened with brown sugar/piloncillo. Usually we stick to our favorites, but we decided to go for the unknown and try some Tepache. It was extremely refershing, sweet and slightly carbonated, due to the fermentation. It doesn’t seem that hard to make (recipe here) but the trick is waiting for it to ferment instead of enjoying the pineapple juice!


Tepache at a street stall by Y!Musica

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