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Vintage Food Valentines

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, whether you are celebrating or not, I think you will get a kick out of these quirky, vintage food Valentines featuring anthropomorphized food – and a lot of puns…. breadvalentine cakevalentine eggvalentine kettlevalentine popcornvalentine teavalentine2


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Gallery of Free Vintage Food Posters


For all of you graphic design lovers out there, Free Vintage Posters has a pretty nice collection of food-related posters and vintage advertisements from around the world (which happen to be free for you to use!). The above turn-of-the-century ad is for the French cookie company Pernot, which was operational from 1869 to 1963. Now why don’t ads look like this anymore?

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Free Flavour Blog: Beautiful vintage food packaging and design

Vintage Orangina Poster from France

Vintage Orangina Poster from France

Though often considered an afterthought, food packaging and design can sometimes be particularly beautiful and creative. Enter Free Flavour, an ever-changing visual collection of vintage American and foreign food packaging and advertising. With an incredible collection of unique images, Free Flavour is making us wish food product design and advertising still looked this way!

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Happy Holidays from the Past

Thought everyone might get a kick out of this crazy 19th-century British postcard entitled “A dead heat for the plate,” found through the Liverpool National Museums Blog. Happy Eating!

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