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Portuguese Pastry Post-Doc: Wafysugar

What is sold in vending machines can tell you a lot about the culture of a country. Here in Portugal they sell waffles. When we first saw the “Wafysugar” in a subway vending machine, we did a double-take. It was the first time we had seen waffles in a vending machine, and waffles aren’t a popular breakfast food here, though they are pretty common in gelato shops. We love waffles and usually have them every weekend, thanks to a well-loved registry gift (sadly, our waffle iron is back across the Atlantic). Out of curiosity, and waffle withdrawal, we felt we had to try a Wafysugar after seeing them everyday in the subway. For one Euro, we figured it was worth a shot. The Wafysugar, billed as a “Gofre de Liege,” was about the size of a quarter of a Belgian waffle. Surprisingly, the ingredient list for the Wafysugar was not terribly long, containing mostly decipherable ingredients. It was a tad chewy, very sweet and though it did indeed taste like it came out of a vending machine, it was not entirely bad. Despite the relative palatability of the Wafysugar, we’ll leave the vending machine purchases to water and soda from now on.

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