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Savory Zeppole for St. Joseph’s Day

ItalyWe have previously written about partaking in Sweet Zeppole for St. Joseph’s Day – one of our favorite holiday treat traditions. However, we were never even aware there was a savory variety of Zeppole. However, it seems that in the region of Calabria, savory Zeppole are a preferred option. Zeppole are basically fried dough fritters, so it make sense they could toe the sweet/savory line. Savory Zeppole can be made with anchovies or served plain. It seems like they would would probably go perfectly with another popular St. Joseph’s Day dish: Pasta con Sarde (with sardines).

Plain Zeppole

Plain Zeppole in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Phil H

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Zeppole for St. Joseph’s Day

HeyZeppoleHappy St. Joseph’s Day! Why not celebrate with a delicious Zeppole? I got this one from Bennison’s Bakery (1000 Davis in Evanston).


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Zeppole Update

ZeppoleSicilyBennison’s Bakery
1000 Davis St.
Evanston, IL

I got THE LAST zeppole today at Bennison’s Bakery in Evanston. You can see it at right on my poor webcam (real digicam is broken). A zeppole basically consists of a filled, fried donut-type pastry. For $2, Bennison’s zeppole was huge, fried and awesome. Their zeppole are filled with the same cream filing as their cannolis. There were strawberry and cherry topped varieties but this cherry one was the last straggler.

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All About St. Joseph’s Day Food (especially Zeppole!)

SicilyFollowing my post on St. Paddy’s day eats, I have to mention St. Joseph’s Day, a holiday in Italy JosephAltarwhich is accompanied by a delicious treat called the Zeppole. A zeppole is a fried donut-like pastry that is filled with jam or cream and topped with powdered sugar. They are traditionally made especially for St. Joseph’s Day. About.com has a simple recipe, as well as an extensive history of the humble zeppole.

St. Joseph’s Day (March 19) is one of the biggest holidays in Sicily (and some other parts of Southern Italy). Joseph is the patron saint of Sicily since people say that in the middle ages peasants prayed to him and he ended a drought. Now, in remembrance of this feat, some Sicilians create altars full of food and plenty in honor of the day. Fava beans, the crop St. Joseph saved, are popular, as are citrus fruits, which happen to be prolific in Sicily. The tradition has spread to places with large Sicilian immigrant populations, especially New Orleans. There is a lot of interesting history of Louisiana altars (like the one at right) at the Houston Institute for Culture.

This year, I found a list of places with “St. Joseph Tables” in Chicagoland in the Sun Times. I imagine it would be a cool experience to go to one.


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