Delicious Vegetarian food in Munich: Prinz Myshkin

Prinz Myshkin
Hackenstrasse 2
Munich, Germany

germanyA vegetarian restaurant in the heart of a country known for its obsession with meat products typically wouldn’t have been our first choice. But after an adventurous day in Munich, the eaters decided to give this highly-recommended establishment a try. The minimalist, upscale central room with all white walls was an inviting contrast to the overcast day outside, and the food definitely completed the experience.

The menu was international fare, ranging from East Asian sitr-frys and Indian lassis, to pizzas and crepes. We felt like going Italian on this day, ordering two of Prinz Myshkin’s pasta dishes. The tagliatelle tartufa, with truffels, marscapone, and cream was rich and flavorful without the gut-busting portions typical of many American restaurants. The tagliatelle amanda, with tomato cream, hazelnuts, and oyster mushrooms was so well balanced and subtly flavored that it actually made Eater 1 reconsider his dislike of mushrooms altogether. After the main course, we ordered a small pot of tea to bring the meal to a close. As we sipped, we discussed the polite but never pushy service, the chic but not overwhelming decor, and the food that consisted of what was easily our finest meal in Germany.

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