Thailand 1: Thai Sookdee [closed]

1016 Church Street
Evanston, IL

Thai is one of our favorite cuisines – so for a nice easy dinner in, we decided to get some delivery from a local joint (Eater 2 has previously eaten in at the restaurant, and it is pleasant and clean, if a little cavernous). Thai Sookdee is good, comforting, Thai food, but not extraordinarily authentic, so if you are really into spice and heat, this probably isn’t the place.

Eater 1 had Rama Broccoli, also known elsewhere as Pra Ram Long Song, a tasty dish of chicken, thick peanut-chili sauce and rice. The dish was good, but there was a little too much broccoli in relation to the chicken, but that’s a usual issue with Rama dishes – and broccoli is healthier anyway…. Eater 2 had Pad See Eiw, another favorite. The dish was very solid and had good amounts of broccoli, egg and chicken and a balanced soy-based sauce. Unlike some Pad See Eiws the sauce was not greasy and the noodles were not the extremely wide kind that get gummy. We had crab rangoon for an appetizer, which was crispy, tasty and perfectly bite-sized. The sweet chili dipping sauce that came with was also excellent.

All in all, it was a very satisfying meal, and we’ll probably return. Only drawback was the rice was a la carte (50 cents for a small, 1 dollar for a large – which was VERY large). Pet Peeve!

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