FTC: Paletas

Spring is officially here – yesterday I saw a paleta cart rolling down the sidewalk. Paletas are Mexican popsicles, with either a milk or water base, and they are delicious! While paletas are a common site on the street, they are also sold in most Mexican grocery stores. We recently picked up paletas from a local supermercado, La Huerta (580 S. Randall Rd, St. Charles, IL) in anticipation of the arrival of warm weather. Our all-time favorite place for paletas is Paleteria La Monarca (6955 N Clark St., Chicago, IL), especially their lime flavor.

L picked Mango and Chile variety – the bar was full of fresh mango chunks and a healthy dose of powdered chile – you can really feel the kick at the end. M went for the more conventional chocolate and almond milk-based bar. Think a really tasty version of a pudding pop, with shaved almond bits throughout. Other varieties available included strawberry and tamarind, as well as a melon flavor called “Mamey.” We were initially drawn to the brand because of its colorful butterfly packaging, a theme also present at La Monarca. Apparently Michoacan is a common name for paleta companies, and the unconfirmed home of the paleta is located in the Mexican State of the same name.

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  1. You must try La Plaza Paleteria. It’s the real deal. It’s out somewhere on Cicero, but I’d definitely say it’s at least 30min detour-worthy.

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