Tea Tuesday: Dolfin Green Tea Bar

Chocolate and tea are probably two of our favorites foods, so when we found a product that combined both we were more than happy. The Dolfin Green Tea Bar, or more properly Au Lait au The Vert Sencha du Japon (Milk with Sencha Green Tea from Japan) is a 32% milk chocolate bar with 5% green tea (about $4 for an 9 oz. bar). We usually prefer dark chocolate, but can understand why they went with milk chocolate – to counter the natural bitterness of green tea. You can really taste the tea flavor, sweet and woodsy, but unfortunately the chocolate itself is a little gritty. We did not love the whole texture of this bar, especially since it is not very cheap. Overall, a little disappointed. We know there are other chocolate/tea bars, though, perhaps they will execute this concept better.

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One response to “Tea Tuesday: Dolfin Green Tea Bar

  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good combination but I’m always glad to know when something as important as chocolate doesn’t live up to expectations! 🙂

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