Brazil: Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil
Woodfield Shopping Center
Schaumburg, IL

Holy crap this is a lot of food. And a lot of buffet centerpiece. No seriously, check it out… Though you might not be able to tell, this centerpiece is probably at least 6 feet tall. The whole Texas de Brazil experience is about opulence and excess, from the giant funeral pyres out front (or giant torches of some sort) to the high ceilings covered in red leather (?!?) to the dozens of gauchos and the shiny glass bar. So its no wonder then that this place will put a dent in your wallet ($45 per person for all-you-can-eat dinner, $30 for just the salad bar). We recently attended a family dinner here, and this is definitely different than M and my usual dining repertoire.
tdbbuffetTexas de Brazil is like most Brazilian steakhouses in the US, in that the main shtick is that gauchos come around to the table with giant skewers of meat. At Texas de Brazil you are given a token that is red on one side and green on the other. If you want more meat you flip the token to green and a gaucho will promptly arrive with a giant skewer and serve some more food. Now at our table of 15, it was kind of a tight squeeze, so oftentimes the skewers and giant knife blades were literally only inches from you. A little disconcerting but you got your food, I guess. There was filet mignon, shrimp, lamb chops, pork medallions in bacon, along with a dozen or more other meat varieties. Sides including mashed potatoes and plantains were placed on the table.

However, aside from the never ending parade of meats there were some interesting items in the salad bar, including some that were more or less Brazilian. Though mainly comprised of soups, salads, cheeses and bread, the buffet itself boasted Farofa (toasted manioc flour – used as a condiment) and Feijoda (Black bean stew). Trying to keep it as “Brazilian” as possible we ordered the popular cola drink Guarana, as well as Brazilian Cokes, which came in tiny glass bottles. But feijoda and farofa do not a meal make. We ended up ordering a lovely crème brûlée (not included in the price), but by that time we were pretty stuffed. So, go with voracious carnivores or don’t go at all. And maybe don’t eat lunch beforehand…

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