Argentine Ice Cream in Chicago?

I was inspired to write this post by a photo I stumbled upon on Flickr, by Katherine of Chicago (seen below). This intriguing photo showcases a shuttered Argentine Ice Cream store on the North Side of Chicago, named the Penguin.penguinsignApparently Argentina is quite known for its delicious ice cream, which has a style of its own. Ice cream arrived in Argentina with the many Italian immigrants, and is a direct descendent of the famous Italian gelato. Today in Buenos Aires, the streets are apparently filled with Heladerias, and dulce de leche is a popular flavor. I was eager to try some in Chicago, but The Penguin is no more. Apparently, this helado has even found its way to London. Short of going to Buenos Aires, do you know of anywhere in Chicago to try it? If I only had an ice cream maker I could make some myself.


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2 responses to “Argentine Ice Cream in Chicago?

  1. oldrope

    I am no ice cream expert, but my european pals rant and rave about it. I do like the way they are somewhat obsessed with it here. For that reason I big it up a bit here:

    Perhaps I will notice the difference more when I return to England and go back to eating our inferior stuff…

    Cool photo mind. Shame that place is closed. Cool blog too by the way

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