Mexico: A Quick Bite at Byby’s

142 W Washington St
West Chicago, IL

We are always in search for great little hole in the wall restaurants, so we were really happy when we heard about good Mexican regional food in West Chicago, a far western suburb of Chicago. Byby’s focuses on food from Oaxaca. The menu focuses on regional specialties like tlacoyos, huraches, atole, etc.

Byby’s a tiny – not much more than a storefront on a quiet stretch of main street in West Chicago. In the whole place there were probably only about four tables. L ordered the Blue Corn Tlacoyo with nopal and M went for the Huitelacoche quesdilla. The tlacoyo is like a thick corn tortilla and matched perfectly well with the toothsome nopal and quessadilla cheese. M was overjoyed to find huitelacoche, a mushroom-style fungus that grows on corn (trust us, sounds gross, but is delicious). Both items clocked in at less than 5 dollars. If you’re in West Chicago, it’s definitely worth a trip!

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