Classic Singaporean Food: Kaya Toast

In a nation obsessed with food – one of the more iconic Singaporean dishes is Kaya Toast. Kaya Toast, coconut jam (kaya) on bread is peddled in most coffee shops, and make an awesome pick-me-up or a classic Singaporean breakfast. Kaya has a creamy consistency and is typically made with coconut milk, eggs and pandan leaves. Chain specializing in Kaya Toast have even sprung up over the years, the most famous being Ya Kun Kaya Toast, founded in the 1940s.

We got this Kaya Toast at Nanyang Old Coffee in Singapore’s Chinatown, along with an iced coffee and an iced milo (a chocolate malt milk drink – M’s favorite). The coffee shop also boasted a little museum dedicated to the history of coffee in Singapore. Kaya is even easy to make at home: check out these recipes  from Susan Feniger and Chubby Hubby.


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