The Gaztrowagon hits the streets

Food trucks are finally becoming a reality in Chicago, after a long period of waiting (and petitioning). In fact, today is the first day the Gaztrowagon food truck – formerly only a brick and mortar store located on North Clark – hits the street.  Hopefully this means a food cart explosion is headed Chicago’s way.

We visited the brick and mortar Gaztrowagon about a month ago and we were very impressed with their naan-whiches (what it sounds like, sandwiches on Indian naan flatbread), especially the pork shoulder with radish, cilantro and queso fresco ($7.00).

Food CartFood Cart Eatin’ by VeryBadLady

In November we are going to cart mecca San Francisco, and are pretty stoked to have carts in our own city, too! Hopefully, in the meantime, we’ll be able to track down the Gaztrowagon – you can find out about its location by checking out wherezthewagon on Twitter.

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